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Reeling off a string of successful shows with packed audiences (the Empire Theatre, The Cobolt Club, Period Modern), Buttercup is well-burnished and feeling renewed.   Erik even had a sold out “artist luncheon” for Buttercup’s collaborative work with Chris Sauter for Luminaria.

But then we suffered a catastrophe – it rained and the wind and water destroyed our sculpture in the making.

Our piece that we are making with Chris Sauter is called “Plato’s Drums.”  We have now re-built (first wall was destroyed) a giant free standing wall in an abandoned space.   Sauter, with our help, is cutting holes in the wall and out of the drywall material fashioning a sculpture of a drumset.  It is a actual sized replica of Buttercup’s drumset, that odie purchased for $100 at a garage sale.    Negative space becomes drums.

Chris filmed Buttercup (Erik, Joe Reyes and odie) playing drums.   This video will be projected onto the wall and through the holes in the wall.  Projections will come from both sides and will fight it out in the middle.
Buttercup will set up on the side of the wall opposite the drum kit sculpture.  We will perform a 7 song set, to prerecorded backing tracks.   “Plato’s Drums” is a nod to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave where a group of men are shackled to a wall and cannot see what is going on behind them.  They only see shadows on the wall cast by the puppeteers behind.  So Buttercup wrote several new songs and rerecorded a few other old songs to fit this theme.  Our songs for the piece are about misinterpretation, blindness, the ego and drumming.   One is about Helen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan. The date for the performance/unveiling is yet to be announced, but will happen in early November.
It’s definitely different from any previous performance.
Here is a video of our song “Anti-antarctica” done in collaboration with Chris Sauter.  It is similar in many ways to “Plato’s Drums.”  https://vimeo.com/132019904


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