Casbeers 4.18.09 - photos by Michele Monseau

This is from the show we did with Athen's v. Sparta in an old church in San Antonio, Casbeer's. Michele Monseau sent us these stills from a video she shot. Erik is on the phone with some loved ones.

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Justin Parr looks at the Cup with his camera

In Jan 2009, Justin Parr took photos of Buttercup at their rehearsal space, at a Maria's Cafe, and at Ed Saavedra's half pipe

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Buttercup in Oli's pool -- photos by Ziv

Ziv Kruger took these photos of Buttercup, dipping into Oli Gomez' pool in Austin. When was this? Just before our Austin Hotlove release... spring of 2006

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Diana Pictures 1

These photos are taken on a lightweight toy plastic camera. All from 2009.

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Living Again -- Photos by Charlie Morris

Charlie Morris took these shots while we were recording "Innocence" for the Living Again EP in March 2007. He did the art design for the CD.

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Living Again in Color -- Photos by Charlie Morris

These from the same day, taken in color. We went down to Tacoland and to the Plastic Supply Company to pose for C. Morris.

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Diana Pictures 2

More plastic lens photos of Buttercup and Friends

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Buttercup live in the Limelight -- Photos by Justin Parr

These shots were taken by our dear friend Justin Parr, using his fancy fish eye lens at time, crawling all over the stage and bar in his flip flop, fearlessly getting up super-close. This performance happened at the Limelight in San Antonio in fall of 2008, and was a whirlwind performance, when we closed down the bar after rousing sets by the Cartographers and the Blowing Trees.

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Flower Pics by Ramin Samandari

These shots were taken in advance of our first record, Sick Yellow Flower in 2004. We shot them in Ramin Samandari's studio in San Antonio.

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Captains of Dinner

In March 2007 Ramin Samandari shot these images for the cover of our EP, Captains of Industry. Jamie made a paella dinner and we all chowed down, drank non-alcoholic beer in large quantities.

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Terlinqua 2006

In 2006 we took a trip out to west Texas with Mike Ryan and friends.

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Buttercup on SA Living

The before and after of our early morning performance on June 25 at WOAI's studios in San Antonio to promote the SA Film Festival.

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SA Film Festival June 2009

These Pics were taken by Adam Rocha, founder/impresario of the SA Film Festival

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Buttercup at Texas Public Radio

A gallery of photos depicting the minutia that surrounds a live radio performance, in this case, at San Antonio's NPR affiliate, KSTX. These were shot on July 8, 2009. It was already 100 degrees outside.

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San Antonio Winter -- pics by Creston Funk

We took these photos in 2007, in front of Odie's old house just across the street from the Hemisphere needle. Erik's quite sick -- awaiting sinus surgery. Actually we're all pale and wan. Grackle nights will do that to you.

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Buttercup w/ John Dufilho 9.25.09

These photos were taken by Jennifer LeDuc in Austin Texas when Buttercup opened up for Rob Dickenson, of Catherine Wheel. Joe couldn't make it to the gig until late, so we conscripted John Dufilho (The Deathray Davies, I Love Math, Apples in Stereo, John Dufilho) to take Joe's place on guitar. He was awesome. The sound system and venue wasn't. We did our best to battle thru enormous bass feedback, horrible woofiness, and new screeching sounds especially invented for this event. The carpet of the venue was soaked with some foul liquid -- beer, urine, cat pee? Awesome.

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Mark Greenberg - August 21 '09

On the 21st of August, Mark Greenberg took these epic pictures.

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Joe's Secret Birthday Show

Photos by Bryan De La Garza.

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Demitasse by Ramin Samandari

These photos were taken in Spring of 2013 by Ramin Samandari

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