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The new Buttercup record, Battle of Flowers, is finally here. It is to be released April 14 at the Empire Theater in San Antonio, TX.  Tickets are on sale now and are selling fast. There are still a few seats left on the main floor.

Battle of Flowers was mixed by Larry Crane (Elliott Smith, Death Cab for Cutie, Sleater-Kinney) in Portland Oregon. The cover art, inspired by the Beatles’ Revolver, is a 6ft x 6ft line drawing on cloth by artist Chris Sauter.

Buttercup has enlisted John Dufilho (Apples in Stereo and like 20 other bands) to join them on drums for the release show. Dufilho brings long term friendship (a San Antonio native residing in Dallas), a smiling Who-like energy to the drums, and his lightning fast band CLIFFFS to close the show.

Slomo Drags is a San Antonio/Austin pop-rock collaborative. They are Buttercup disciples, having sat at the Bedlamb long table. Joe Reyes produced their first recording, and Slomo drank the Lou Reed-Pavement-Kool-aid that Erik proffered. Their cover of Buttercup’s “Superior” is, in a word, superior.

The Empire theater and the Majestic (they are interconnected underground and owned by the same group) have collaborated with Buttercup on several big shows including a performance art piece called “Buttercup a Musical Journey” in May of last year, where audience members were taken backstage and through the catacombs under these theaters. The audience got to feel what it is like to be a band thru a clever thought experiment. It was another of Buttercup’s attempts to challenge the traditional lines between audience and performer. 

The Empire, built in 1913, is perhaps the heart of historic San Antonio entertainment: at 108 it’s the oldest music venue in south Texas. The Empire provides a perfect frame for Buttercup, one of San Antonio’s beloved bands. Buttercup has many songs that invoke a spirit of San Antonio, including “Henry B. Gonzalez”, an anthemic protest song on Battle of Flowers. With the gorgeous Empire fully supporting Buttercup’s zany ideas, this record release show promises to be magical.


Demitasse at the Majestic Feb 2, 2017

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Demitasse returns to the Majestic Theater Thursday, February 2 to provide direct support to Foreigner. Demitasse will play songs from Blue Medicine, as well as new songs from our upcoming record, Power Couple. Our songs have never sounded better than they do at the Majestic – bouncing of the high walls that over the years have been graced by the voices of so many of our favorite musicians.

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“Keeping things, fresh, fun and outside comfort zones has kept Buttercup a vital and relevant act,” Hector Saldaña, the San Antonio Express-News.

We owe a lot of thanks because our show could not have happened without a lot of help. Thank you all who came along on our ambitious musical journey show at the Empire and Majestic Theaters. Thank you to folks at the Majestic and Empire for believing in and supporting the idea. Thanks to Period Modern for turning the stage into a living room with beautiful vintage pieces of mid-century designed furniture. Thanks to all the super talented musicians who donated their talent.  It was a crazy, magical evening! Here’s a great article documenting what happened by Hector Saldaña in the San Antonio Express-News.




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