Bookflap – Erik Sanden

Erik Sanden defied his parents’ wishes and deliberately went into deep hibernation at the age of 7, only to emerge with one foot larger than the other.

He pioneered the concept of “ther-help-y”, in which patients help themselves to a large cache of pharmaceuticals while being forced to run in place in what looks like a pill factory.
There are few people who can resist Erik’s amazing perfume line “Quiet, please”. Its subtle bouquet of lavender, shellfish, henna and ketchup has been raising eyebrows all over Scandinavia.

In his memoir, “God Hates Roaches”, Sanden explains the reasoning behind the popularity of his music. “I needed to express myself and so i went to the bathroom, and it was there that i saw my goal (floating). It was then just a matter of getting it onto a piece of recording tape. It was totally worth it.”badme

There are only two things Erik Sanden fears: obscurity and bananas.