Buttercup, a life-affirming art-rock band from Texas, has written hundreds of original songs that NPR calls “jangly art rock for the left side of the brain.” Since 2004, the band has released 7 full-length recordings and a DVD documentary. They have toured the US, and have opened up for or played with  Jonathan Richman, Elliott Smith, the Old 97s, Ian Moore, The Apples in Stereo, Salim Nourallah, Huey Lewis and the News, Foreigner and Willie Nelson. 

Buttercup is a trio of distinct personalities: singer Erik Sanden, guitarist Joe Reyes and bassist odie. The three joined forces in 2003 and have remained the best of friends. In this way, Buttercup is a real band, like U2 or the Osmonds, with long term membership (original members) and a large body of work.  Erik Sanden functions largely as a frontman: he is terribly handsome, nigh-literate and his humor tends towards the absurd. Joe Reyes is famous for his unwavering smile, generous nature and, oh yeah, for his Grammy. Odie, a Texas treasure, brings unconventional voicings, deep sartorial sense, and rock-and-roll-animal power both to the bass and to his cooking (he has been known to craft high quality sandwiches on stage).

Buttercup’s live show blends visual art, performance art and installation. For example, the band often takes “phone calls” from a red rotary phone that has been rigged to function as a microphone. These conversations heighten the drama and narrative already wound into the show. The band once staged a live talk show with celebrity guests and comedic interviews. That night Sanden handled a snake on stage. On three separate occasions Buttercup delivered a signature piece, Audience of One, where individual audience members were led into a back room (all by their lonesome) and therapeutically prescribed songs depending on their specific musical needs. These unusual shows lead their fan base, affectionately called the “Buttercult”, to expect the unexpected.

Their newest recording Battle of Flowers was mixed by Larry Crane (Elliott Smith, Death Cab for Cutie, Sleater-Kinney) in Portland Oregon and was released on Palo Santo and Bedlamb Records. On this project Buttercup is joined by the Navaira brothers, Diego and Emilio Jr., sons of Tejano legend Emilio Navaira.


“Buttercup conjures an alternate universe where Ray Davies and David Byrne collaborate on jangly pop songs with unexpected twists in the shade of the Alamo.” NPR

“Keeping things fresh, fun and outside comfort zones has kept Buttercup a vital and relevant act.” San Antonio Express News

“Buttercup is important.” San Antonio Current

“Around these parts, art-rock lifers Buttercup hardly need an introduction. They make songs about our city and songs about everything else, too. They make silly songs and important songs and old-school rock ‘n’ roll songs and indie-rock songs and so much more. All that they do is imbued with a sense of lightness and humor, which lends their music an infectious feeling of buoyancy” San Antonio Current


“Simply perfect pop… Buttercup have delivered a total package.  Highly recommended” Popdose

“like Lou Reed fronting a great Psych Band… may be their best ever”I Don’t Hear a Single

“Satisfying our urges, Buttercup spares nothing, and allows us a look at everything.”Impose

“the best thing Buttercup has ever put out, dynamic and bursting at the seams with pure rock and roll bliss.” San Antonio Current

“pops and crackles with wit”  A Pessimist is Never Disappointed

“Battle of Flowers takes the listener on an open-ended eargasmic adventure” SATX Music

“Texas pop-rock vets return with sharp riffs & sharper wits”Darryl Sterden

“every song has a strong hook”Colorado Springs Independent

“These compositions show just how great pop music can be in 2017. There’s not a bad track here, they’re all great. Highly recommended. TOP PICK.” BabySue

“bawdy but beautiful, reverent but rambunctious, savvy yet saccharine, knowing yet naive… full of off-kilter pop splendor” San Antonio Current



twitter: @buttercult
press: robert vickers, proxy media

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