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The Weather Here: Buttercup’s new album to be released July 21, 2009
Buttercup is now done with our new full length record, “The Weather Here,” Produced by Salim Nourallah. We will release this record in Texas in the final days of July. We began this process last September, where we got a new practice space and began to hone our chops, and loosely arrange 30 or so songs. We made demos and in early October sent these to Mr. Nourallah who listened and used some arcane notation system to sketch his plans for the recording. When we arrived in Dallas to record in October we found Salim Nourallah to be a tall, quiet, introspective, wickedly handsome man: a Lebonese Paul McCartney, a physicist of sound. Salim tweaked knobs, lead us down a shiny hallway, poured haunting melodies down our gullets and shook us like babies. We spat up this new batch of songs: some 12 tracks, that we call “The Weather Here.” You can hear the first track, “It’s in the Way” at
Now for some history:
“The Head Sits Upside Down on the Top of the Head” an 8 song EP recorded and produced by Buttercup, released Feb 2008.
With no rules to follow except their own, Buttercup has managed to write, record and release three EPs within the last 10 months. Why? No one knows. But it’s this type of unusual yet challenging feat that Buttercup fans have come to expect and enjoy.
From playing via close-circuit TV into oil barrels at an art gallery, or kicking off an impromptu singing street parade, to conducting song- therapy with individual audience members on “confessional nights”, Buttercup follows its fanciful whims wherever they may lead.
The three EPs (Captains of Industry, Living Again and The Head…) each represent a facet of Buttercup’s sound; “Captains” is a rather noisy angular affair which aptly demonstrates their love for The Silver Jews and The Velvet Underground. “Living Again” showcases their more acoustic side, revealing softer and moodier melodies. And now “The Head…” full of rough hewn demo sketches and early eighties electronic beats skids right off the road and into the ditch. But taken as a whole, the three EPs still hold together as being singularly “Buttercupish”: sometimes impulsive, at times carefully crafted but always engaging.
This third installment, “The Head Sits Upside Down on the Top of the Head” is a diverse collection of songs in which Buttercup changed its recording style, planting itself a little outside of its comfort zone. Some of the songs are the original demo recordings: “Cure for the Cure” and “Blackwater.” Most of the others find Buttercup in a more singular mood, forgoing big stacked harmonies in favor of solo lead vocals. In this respect “Mom’s Love” is as stark as any Buttercup song gets. “Sleep With Me” veers way off the map, written from a song fragment found on a rehearsal tape, then collectively built up on the spot, in the studio. Its style, something Buttercup stumbled upon, might be called “Japanese Beach Boys”. Altogether, this rather long, strange EP, an eight song “extended-extended play”, teeters on being a full length release, and its sheer length may indicate more than anything just how willing Buttercup is to give. With one more full-length album to record, Buttercup continues to forge ahead, oblivious of trends and advice, with only one goal in mind; to do the best work they can and deliver it with the utmost zeal to those willing to listen.
available now at these locations: online:, locally in record stores: hogwild records (san antonio) , musictown (SA), 180grams (SA), half price books – broadway (SA), waterloo records (austin), cheapos discs (austin)
Also released last year or so:
“Living Again” 6 song EP in August 2007

“Captains of Industry” 6 song EP in May 2007
Buttercup on Publik Music Video on Demand
For those of you with the technical marvel that is digital cable….Buttercup has a short Video Documentary on the Public Music Video on Demand (San Antonio Channel 982)
You can see us and a bunch of other great bands/artists and more at their website
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